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RED Performance is primarily focused on Artistry and Innovation. We invest in creative, private companies with strong teams, proprietary solutions, and high potentials. We invest in the range of $50K to $500K, but also lead syndications of $1-3M.

We seek visionaries who can execute and create opportunity. It's our mission to partner with visionary leaders who challenge industry norms, propel growth and drive revenue.


To have your business proposal considered, please submit a short summary of your plan to VC@REDPerformance.com.  We will generally follow-up with you within 10 days of your initial submission. 

Companies that meet our funding priorities and guidelines will be contacted to provide further details. The submissions are then forwarded to the screening committee for review. If a potential investment opportunity is considered suitable, the company will be invited to present directly to the investment committee.


This presentation is generally 20 minutes long + 10 minutes of Q&A and will be held at one of the upcoming investment committee meetings. We will help you refine and maximize the value of your presentation time before the meeting.

You will receive immediate feedback at the end of your presentation regarding the committee’s decision to either pass on further discussions at this time, invite you back after you have achieved specific milestones, or begin the due diligence process, which will then involve subsequent meetings with the goal of culminating in an investment.