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RED Performance

RED Performance is a holdings and management company that specializes in private equity partnerships in 3 core disciplines: Real Estate, Automotive and Hospitality.


We conceptualize, source, identify and develop projects in which we can drive short term cash flow and long term appreciation and bundle these investments into partnerships on behalf of our private partners to achieve their wealth-building goals. 


Our Partnerships

Real Estate, Automotive and Hospitality offers a tremendous opportunity to add value and diversification to existing portfolios and outperform industry averages. However, the information-intensive aspect of the industry often favors experienced and well-connected investors. This can make it challenging for those who wish to make investments without making it their primary profession. Fortunately, private investment partnerships from RED Performance are available.
Investment partnerships allow you the opportunity to participate in the private equity market with the backing of an experienced, well-connected, and well-established team of professionals. Our team practices thoughtful ideation, strategy, concept management, acquisitions and careful oversight. The goal is to optimize and maximize returns on your investment dollars.


Why Invest through a Partnership?

•    Partnerships provide diversification and economies of scale by pooling assets to access investments with the most profit potential. Diversification across geography, property types and concepts are essential to avoid concentration risks. Economies of scale allow for assembly of research and operational expertise, management skills, as well as buying and selling power.
•    Having a robust financial infrastructure is essential in order to support the acquisition of and marketing of luxury short term rental properties and fast casual dining establishments. In turn, exposure for our concepts and properties enhance the value of the portfolio, creates visibility for the projects and eventually builds the RED Hospitality brand, which in itself enhances the value of every project in the portfolio. A virtuous circle.
•    Corporate governance and a regulated structure protect investors from potential conflicts of interest, as well as providing tax efficiency and regular accounting and reporting.
•    A clearly defined investment strategy, with proper risk management and exit strategy.
•    Independence and objectivity of the service providers of the partnerships, and related segregation of duties.
•    Combining social responsibility, intellectual rigor, education and lifestyle enhancement for interested investors