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Private equity, seed and early-stage investments across multiple sectors. 

Management guidance and revenue generation services.

Real Estate, Hospitality, Automotive, Professional Services, Media and Technology.

Your Success Our Commitment 

Red Performance is a private equity, venture capital and alternative asset management firm based in Atlanta GA. RED specializes in private equity, seed and early-stage investments across multiple sectors, including real estate, hospitality, automotive, professional services, media and technology. We focus on investing in private companies with strong teams, proprietary solutions, and high growth potential. Our objective is to build successful businesses and help talented entrepreneurs build lasting businesses of significant value and make a positive impact on the communities we serve. 


Our Mission

RED will:
•    Create outstanding long-term value for shareholders
•    Be the most valued private investment management partner for the institutions, investors              and entrepreneurs whose interest we represent
•    Build successful, highly profitable businesses with stellar reputations
•    Provide education, growth services and leadership training to entrepreneurs
•    Provide alternative investment education to investors
•    Build minority businesses and minority wealth
•    Enrich team members personally, professionally and financially
•    Be a top best place to work in Georgia
•    Make a significant positive impact on the community
•    Open the door to wealth-building opportunities and ground floor investments
•    Make private investment opportunities accessible


Our Values

Our business’ foundation is built on these core principles.
•    Integrity 
•    Accountability 
•    Discipline 
•    Teamwork 
•    Results
•    Excellence 
•    Entrepreneurship 
•    Balance

These principles are ingrained in our culture. We value professionalism and our passion is to serve the needs of our investors and clients.